Flight 21

Cat Cay – Matanzas

Today’s flight is scheduled to fly over part of the Caribbean paradise, the Bahamas, and its surroundings. This English-speaking island nation of 330,000 people, located near Florida and Cuba, offers spectacular views of the hundreds of coral reefs and sandy beaches of its islands. These became the first places Christopher Columbus discovered in America. In 1492, he landed on the island of San Salvador and declared it a Spanish possession. Most of the native inhabitants were then taken as slaves to the gold mines of Cuba and Haiti. The flight passes over several Bahamian islands, including the island of New Providence with its capital Nassau. Next, a flight to Cuba begins over the tourist hotspot of Varadero, and then the city of Matanzas, over which I begin my descent to land. The landing at Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport is again not one of the easiest. Although the airport has a long and wide runway, this time the conditions are not favourable. The airport is shrouded in a haze of tropical humidity at a temperature of 34°C, which not even the strong gusting winds whipping the aircraft can blow away. The landing on the runway is eventually accomplished without harm to the aircraft.

Distance: 1150.1 km

Total distance: 14,220.7 km

Flight time: 3 hours 49 minutes

Total flight time: 50 hours 17 minutes

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